Sunday, September 14, 2014

Home learning 9/12/14

On Friday the kids started their first official swim lesson. Since it is in the middle of the morning we were not able to visit the learning room until the afternoon.  Both kids had a great time, and right away asked to go back.  Big girl is actually the only one in her class, while the little guy has two classmates.  Lot's of practice for my big girl!

Back at home, I had printed out pictures of what we saw the day before at the aquarium.  He loves cutting pictures!

Then, we labeled the pictures.  I always try to look for things he loves, and I knew he loved the animals and the submarine at the aquarium.  He gets to pick and cut the pictures that he likes the most.  By then, He is eager to write the labels with me. He has been helping me by writing the letters he knows.  On Friday, he was able to write a whole word for the first time.  He was mighty proud.  His first word was: mata from mata raya.  It is a bit sad that his first word is literally kill as in Spanish it is not sting ray, but literally kill ray! 

When he was finished, he wanted to sort the picture cards again. I got to hear him say: animales, ropa, transporte! (animals, clothing, transportation).

The big sister, as always, asked to journal about her adventures.  Seeing her brother cut the pictures, she asked for pictures too.  She wanted to make a collage. She wanted me to take a picture of it.  See her little hand showing you!

It was the afternoon, and by that time they are silly, and full of craziness.  I put on some music and they went nuts. 

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