Monday, September 22, 2014

Good bye to doors and windows!

We moved to our home over four years ago. Our windows are original to the house (1979).  They are bad!  Last winter it was so bad that my daughter was convinced Elsa (from frozen) had touch them and turned them into pretty icy patterns.  Yes! they were pretty patterns; but the fact that we felt like we were inside an igloo (we could not see out) was just awful!  We are finally able to change them after some very rocky months of trying to find the right company to do the job, and also provide a way for financing the expense.  We have 19 windows, one deck triple door, and 7 of those windows are floor to ceiling.  All the windows are in bad shape.  They let water and bugs in, and they condensate and freeze.  The moment of change will come right on time as we are starting to see a lot of condensation from the early fall days. This Wednesday and Thursday our windows and deck doors will be fixed.

Good bye to old grids... We will have unobstructed views...

and no more condensation!

I am taking the kids out of the house for a little road trip starting tomorrow morning. We will be joining homeschoolers in Wisconsin. We will be back when the work is finished. I can't wait to see it finally happen.
Note I will be posting pictures of our trip; but I won't de able to comment on them until I get back. I am not so good at blogging with my phone.

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