Friday, September 12, 2014

Unplanned visit: Shedd Aquarium

I already had a post published, but somehow, it got deleted.  =(
Here is the brief version:
My husband told me on Wednesday afternoon that he needed to go downtown for a trade show at the Mccormik Place.  Since it is very close to the museum campus, I decided to hitch a ride with him and visit the Shedd Aquarium with the kids.  It is their very first visit.  I have been meaning to take them there since we read the Magic Tree House book #9 Dolphins at Daybreak
It was the perfect day without crowds and with reduce fees.  Note: Teachers do not have to pay! I provided my pay stub and that was it: Free admission.

The Shedd Aquarium is about 1hour and 40 minutes away.  It was plenty enough time to read the whole Magic Tree house book on our way there.  

We were so early, we got to watch the beluga whales on our own

Oceanarium's dolphin show: the kids' favorite part.  After the show, they got to ask the oceanographer and the trainer about the dolphins.  They wanted to know what they ate, what they like to play with, and if the trainers could actually ride holding on to the dolphin's fins (like in the book).

Sea start exhibit.  Big girl didn't want to to touch them.  The little guy and I were very brave.  We also got to touch the sting rays in the outside exhibit which is open may-Oct.

Play zone.  Exploring coral reefs (not real)

What a lunch! dolphin entertainers included.

Inside a submarine.  The kids pretended to be jack and Annie.  It was super cute!

Wild reef. Although we did not get to see a hammer head shark, the kids got to see what it would be like to be in a submarine surrounded by marine life.  We also got to see the divers clean the corals, and feed the fish.  They were very engaging.  They waved at the kids!

The book that sparked the curiosity!

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