Thursday, August 7, 2014


On Monday I lost my wallet.  I just couldn't remember seeing it after leaving Portillo's.  I did remember taking my son to the bathroom in the middle of lunch and hurrying both of them back so as to not loose our food that was on the table (I didn't want anyone to think were were finished). I called Portillo's about 4 times and they couldn't find it.  My husband and I checked my two credit cards, and debit car and there were no charges.  I knew I had no cash; but I was worried about my identity. On Tuesday, I cancelled my debit card, and my husband was suppose to cancel the credit card just before heading over to the police station to file a report. And then, I found it =P Sometimes we do things without thinking.  We act so mechanically that we do not store memories of the events.  I am sure that is what happened to me.  Somehow, I brought my wallet and placed it in my backpack when I got home (I didn't take my backpack with me on Monday).  I found it there when I was packing my passport and social security card to prove my identity.

In any sense, this stressful situation made me take some steps to prevent what luckily didn't happen.  I removed my debit card (I don't use it), decluttered the stuff inside the wallet to the bare minimum (one credit card, insurance cards, and my ID), and I went ahead and wrote on the signature strip of my credit card: "check photo on ID." It might not save me 100%,  but it does something.  It might give me time!

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