Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trip planning 8/26/14

Tomorrow we are headed south on a road trip by ourselves.  My husband is staying home because of his job, and to work on home repairs.  To be honest, I am a bit nervous. I planned our stops, and even printed all the rest stops along Route 65 just in case.  We will be driving no more than three and a half hours at any given point, but with my daughter's motion sickness, it is a huge risk.

I guess today will be considered a day filled with practical life skills. We did a lot of folding clothes. Each one of us needs enough clothes for 10 days (we will only do laundry once in the middle of our vacation).

The big girl was a ton of help.  She is very good at folding. 

She also organized the clothes and counted them. 

The little guy vanished on us during folding time.  
Today he was really into this community workers memory game.

Well, I am about to organize and stuff everything in the car.  Wish us luck! 

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