Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The joy of being out and about 8/20

So, what do we do in the afternoons? Well, sometimes we go out and about.  And where do we go?
We visit friends that let us play with their pets. This poor fellow (Cloudy) almost didn't get to meet us.  Our friends told us that their cat almost ate him!

We go to the park after having lunch with their dad. 

We play at the splash ground.

We visit the library to do craft activities. It was so nice to be at the library while all the kids are at school! Plenty of room and no waiting for the computer!
...And we bring home books related to our interests. The Magic Tree House book #14: Day of the Dragon King was available for check out today. I could not have planned it better. It was pure coincidence that they were into China in the morning and this was the next book in the series! 

Oh! what a joy to be able to explore our community together!

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