Sunday, August 24, 2014

Next few days: Road trip!

We had a busy Friday.  I was helping out in the satellite center close to my house.  I was passing flyers, and talking to parents about the upcoming classes.  If you are in the area, Language Stars in Geneva is offering Mandarin classes on Mondays, and Spanish classes on Fridays.  I am not teaching there, but I am helping by talking with families and gathering information.  I will continue to teach Spanish every Saturday at the Naperville Center.  Check us out at:

Saturday was bitter sweet for me. It was the last day of the summer classes.  In one hand,  It was bitter because I had to say good bye to some families who are not taking classes in the fall. On the other hand, it was sweet because I am looking forward to our upcoming vacation.

Today the kids spent extra time with their dad.
Tricycle riding in the western trails (I was there just to take pictures!)

Just riding in the parking lot.

The afternoon was very hot.  They went to the pool, while I went to visit my friends for dinner.  

The kids and I are about to go on a road trip to Indiana and Kentucky all on our own. Our goal is to help my dear friend for a little over a week. I am planning some cool stops on our way to her.  We will visit Blackberry farm, the Indianapolis Children's museum, Fair Oaks farm,  Louisville zoo..etc.  I am excited yet nervous to be driving far from home.  My husband is staying home to go to work, and to do some home repairs. I will still try to post using my phone. 

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