Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Learning Room new location

First of all, I have to say that I like to solve my problems thinking outside the box. I don't need to follow the majority or what is expected from others.  In our family a master bedroom is the most convenient learning room location.  This might not work for everyone, and as a friend put it, might not even be acceptable by everyone.  The truth is, our master bedroom only served the purpose of a hall way to use the bathroom, and a location for our bed and clothes.  Our "new" bedroom is just as functional (minus being the hall way to a bathroom).  We like to keep our bedroom for my husband and I only.  We do not have kids sleeping in our room (unless one of them is sick), and we simply don't hang out there with the kids.   Our new bedroom is across the hall from the office.  I will post pictures of it later (My husband is sleeping now).

Here are the pictures of the new and improved learning room:
As you walk in you find math, and a little geography.  I am getting rid of this chalk board.  Anyone interested? 
I was able to reuse the geometric shape painting, but sadly it is not at fingertip level anymore. Do you see our empty spaces?  Room to grow!

I love our new corner lamp location, it is just perfect for the room.  The lamp barely gets use as the room has lots of natural light. I took this picture at night.  Next to geography we have two small shelving units for science. The first shelving unit has a shelf for the human body, and two shelves for animals.  The other shelving unit is for our plants, and my daughter's horse materials.  The hanging box in front of the window is our growing lamp for our plants (and future experiments).

Next is language arts in English.  We don't have much in here.  The little boxes are for the letter sound objects.  This is taking a while to put together because I am using the phonogram sounds from the Spell to Write and Read program.  It is not by alphabet letter, but by sound.  There are multiple boxes for a letter such as A that has three different sounds.  I will have a separate post about them.  I also have the pink reading materials (in pink), a word building puzzle and some early readers. I am locating a beloved practical life activity on top, just to use the space. Again: room to grow!

Next is practical life and language arts in Spanish. Our practical life activities in this shelving unit contain only dry materials.  In  the Spanish section, we have the sound objects boxes, inset materials, movable alphabet, decoder work, early readers, sand box, and word building puzzle.  We still have the mini cubes to put the miniatures from the Magic Tree House books. My daughter really wanted to put it together.  I am planning on moving it to the geography area later to host little artifacts.    

The sensorial area is tucked in the corner.

The kids' desks and moving carts are on the far east side. I wanted them close together to be able to help both of them.  I have to see how it works out.  Then there is our white board, and finally our calendar.  There is a TV in the room.  We will find some use for it.

The closet.  I am planning on getting doors in (hopefully) the near future. 

My favorite part is the floor space.  I was not able to take a proper picture, but I can place several working mats on the floor! I will try to measure it with the mats later
Update: two rows of six mats!  A total of 12 mats without touching the corners

I did not take pictures of the bathroom.  Its door is by the white board.  I am hoping to use it for the wet practical life activities.  
As a side effect, we had to move stuff in our art area downstairs.  Art is available to our kids all the time, and they do use it ALL the time. Basically we didn't need the tall shelving unit as we moved the plants, and growing light upstairs.  We used the tall unit in the closet upstairs to store materials. My husband cut another wider shelving unit to host the art supplies. 

I need to figure out a way to better store their art projects.  The little guy works on multiple projects at a time.  
For us, the room change was a great improvement for all.  My dear, and supporting husband: Thank you for making it all happen.


  1. Ay@!! Que salón más bonito!@! nos encantó!! mucho espacio, mucha luz y todo muuuuyyy organizado!!!! Voy a aprender mucho de ti@!!! jajaja, Quedó PRECIOSO!!! LOVE IT!!

  2. Bueno, eso que las fotos las tomé de noche! Ya es hora que tome nuevas fotos con las nuevas ventanas, y los materiales que hemos creado. Muy pronto!


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