Thursday, August 7, 2014

Home Learning 8/7/14

Busy day! 

Paring exercises to recognize high frequency words.  She loves them.  She needs to learn how to use the ruler! 

Then I gave her a bunch of cut out words she has been learning.  She built: "one day mother said I can read"

She glued it to her notebook.

The little guy got a lot of little pictures to sort by beginning sounds.  He only wanted to color some of them.

Then, he glued them on his notebook, and helped me write the names of each item.  

Listening to reading. 

Pre-writing work.  It is all based on oral language.  He talks about the pictures and I ask him questions.

Tracing an elephant.

Diary work.

Coloring the elephant.

Positioning balls on golf tees.

pin punching.

Little guy learned to water the plants with a dropper.

The big sister learned to water the plants with a syringe.

putting apples in an ice tray....He also loved dumping them.

Making Africa.

She continued to pin punch her continents to make an outline.  Then, she cut it.  She did all the continents and wanted to continue to do the circles to build a puzzle.  Sadly, I had to stop her to have lunch.  She quickly realized that she was very hungry.  She agreed to continue tomorrow morning. 

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