Thursday, August 7, 2014

Home Learning 8/6/14

Here is my daughter's diary entry.  She wanted to write: "Yesterday I went to my friend's birthday party. Mom lost her wallet and found it.  We cleaned our materials room." We did in fact go to a birthday party on Tuesday afternoon.  She was touched about my lost wallet and she really wanted to write about it. And, I just figured out that she wants to call her learning room a materials room.  Maybe it is because she helped me move all the materials?

Little guy graduated to letters i and o.  These are easy for him, and I know that he can learn them both at the same time.  He used the paw prints to follow how to trace the letters.

Then he did some practicing A, a, o, and i.

Practical life activity: cow clips on wire rack.

The little guy also worked with the miniature objects.  He took all the objects out of the brown box and placed them according to beginning sounds in the clear containers.  He was 100% accurate.  

He loved the gold: ORO.  We got it while in Colorado.

The big sister worked with stamps to spell out her high frequency words.

Our friends were over to visit and one of them is really into pin punching the maps.  My big girl wanted to try it too.

Then the little guy joined in the fun.

That afternoon we were painting and since we are reading The Secret Garden, she wanted to make one. 

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