Thursday, August 21, 2014

Home learning 8/21/14 part 1

First the little guy used clothespins to hang his little pretend laundry and practice his pincer grasp.  I made the clothes from foam sheets a long time ago.  His sister loved this activity. 

Then, I gave him his first math lesson with the number rods.  This time I am using the Montessori Printshop teaching Manual.  So far I love it.  I need the pictures to keep me motivated (just like I need pictures to follow a recipe.. I am a visual learner).  The album is very organized and appealing to the eye.  I didn't care much for the math album from KHT. It was just collecting dust.

After the the naming period, we moved to the recognition and association period.  Here I asked him to move, place or hide the number rods I was calling.  I was surprised at how much fun he had! He simply loved hiding it next to his sister!  We did a lot of of,  "move the rod #__ to..." He wanted to continue on and on.
He did great at the recall period.  We only focused on the rods 1-4. 

As he was putting the rods away, he took rod #10 and counted up to ten.  Maybe this activity was too easy for him.  I know he knows how to count, but he also had so much fun. I think that is important too.

Later on, they took a break for a snack, and I put on some clothes!  They found the bead chains.   The little guy wanted the blue ones, the big girl wanted to count the golden beads.  She and I counted to 100 for the first time!

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