Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Home Learning 8/20/14

Today, the kids spotted our China container.  It is not very big but they love what is inside of it. I gladly took it down for them to explore.

First they had to move everything we had in the geography shelving unit. They packed the small items from the Magic Tree House stories, the transportation puzzle, and the USA map puzzle. 

Then, they started to unpack the contents of their little bin. The big girl started playing with her pandas.  A few years ago, her dear aunt made her the one she is holding in the picture. 

She also arranged a "park" and the small pandas.  This is a replica we created after we read the book Panda's Kindergarten by Joanne Ryder.

The little guy really wanted to play with the sea creatures, and the flash cards from his Mandarin class. He didn't remember all their names.  We need to revisit this lesson with his teacher. 

This is how the area turned out when everything was in its place.

The kids listened to the books from the Pandy and Mandy series.  They have a simple story and two readers.  One reader speaks English and the other one Mandarin.  The kids repeat the vocabulary words and the story lines.  The tunes are catchy making them easy to remember.

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