Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Home Learning 8/19/14

Here is what the big girl found in the learning room: The stand for the insets were cleared out.  They only displayed the image+name cards.  In front of the stands, I had the image cards, the labels, the shapes, and the inset borders.

First she put all the image cards, then she added the inset border, and the shape pieces.  She crawled the whole time back and forth to get what she needed.

Finally, she placed the labels by checking the control cards on the stands. I was impressed.  She did it all by herself.

 The little guy got my undivided attention.
Here is what we worked on:
For months he has been asking for this set from a craft store.  I had a 50% off coupon and finally gave in.  I got him the Melissa and Doug Farm Block play set.  It was $15.00. He was very excited to have it in his learning room.

First we wrote labels for all the pieces.  He helped by writing all the o's and a's.

We read the label as I wrote it, and he told me what letters he needed to add.

My big surprise came when he was putting all the pieces under their labels.  He knew the words!  He could have memorized the order, or remembered writing the missing a's and o's.  In any case, he was reading, and he loved it!

In the afternoon, the kids went into the learning room to check on the caterpillar.  They also listened to a super cute story: La Cancion del Lagarto.  We all love the songs.
Check out my next post for an update on the caterpillars.

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