Saturday, August 16, 2014

Home Learning: 8/15, catch up day!

This week we did a ton of activities that put the kids' projects on hold. Between going to see Rio 2, swimming, two farms, visiting friends, and having visitors, we had an action packed week. Today, I purposefully didn't make plans to go anywhere nor see anyone.  I wanted them to have the time to catch up. Here is what we did:
A friend gave us this super cute set.  It is a learning loaf of bread.  On one side, it shows numbers from 1-10, and on the other side it has the alphabet.  The little guy was interested in using it to count.

When stacked up in order, it is a puzzle that only fits when done in correct order.

Big sister wanted to keep on working on her book about stores.

She finished with 20 different types of stores.

Here is a close up of her control chart on the left, and her mini pages on the right.

Both kids used the "store" pages to sort miniature objects. 

We didn't have an item for every store.  I now have a new list of items to look for: something from the deli, a passport (travel agency), a miniature book...etc.

Then, the book was put together as well as a bag of items..  Here are two pictures of the activity: a dress for a clothing store, and a ring for a jewelry store.

After the store book, we had a snack and got back to work.  It is so great to see their excitement when they feel they finished a project! They were eager to keep going.

Big sister move to pin punching the circles to finish her world part map.  

The little guy and I also participated. 

Once the circle was ready, She wanted to glitter paint the world parts she had prepared a few days ago. 

Her final work!

Off course he painted too!

It was a day filled with accomplishments!

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