Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Home Learning 8/12/14

To be honest with you, I am starting to freak out!  The leaves are falling already.  I am not ready for summer to end.  I needed some fresh air and so did the kids.  Hence, we went to Blackberry farm in the morning. We usually spend Tuesday morning in the learning room.

On our way back we had friends visiting us.

It was very cute to see my big girl writing letters as her friend dictated to her.  She told her she was a writer! She helped write and illustrate her friend's letters. 

The little guy was sneaky. He decided it was a great opportunity to use the kindle without her sister trying to take it from him.

In the afternoon we still visited the learning room.
The little guy and I were talking about soccer.  He needed to practice his three letters (a,o,i) so we wrote together: Ball (pelota), gol, James, Falcao, and Tigre (tiger: Falcao's nickname).  He loves these two players as much as I do!  Maybe it wasn't a lot of practice time, but we sure enjoyed gluing the images and talking about them. I saved this activity a while ago for a busy day like today. 

The big girl is working on a little book.  It has the names of stores in Spanish. I came up with this idea after playing her favorite game:  "name the store." Both kids love to play it in the car.  I tell them an item, and they tell me the specific name of the store that sells it. It goes like this: Books (libros), bookstore (libreria).  Ice cream (helado), Ice cream parlor (heladeria). In Spanish most stores have part of the name of the item plus ia (with an accent mark on the i) at the end; but there are a few exceptions. This is the part my kids love.  They turn the name of the item into a silly word. For example, I tell them medicine (medicina), and they say: medicineria instead of Pharmacy (farmacia)

I gave her little pieces of paper with a picture of the store and a control chart.  She looked for the store and wrote the name on the paper.  I will take pictures of the book.
Do you want to learn some Spanish?
Here are the names of the stores: http://www.shertonenglish.com/resources/es/vocabulary/shops-stores.php

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  1. I've decided I need to visit your blog more often :) I used to be conversationally fluent in spanish but alas I did not continue practicing it AT ALL after college and now I'm still decently literate in terms of being able to muddle through most reading but I've completely failed in teaching any of it to my kids. I need to keep being reminded of simple ways to incorporate dual languages.

    Lately we have been working on Korean with Rosetta Stone so we can learn to converse with our grand master in taekwondo (although he speaks perfect English) but we live in a community with a high hispanic population and Spanish would be far more practical :)


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