Monday, August 25, 2014

Discovery center museum

I have been wanting to go to the Rockford Discovery Center since I heard about it a year ago.  It is a little over an hour away, and with a daughter who is prone to motion sickness, it was just too far.  Now days, she is getting a little bit better.  She didn't eat anything before the drive, and I made sure she was able to see ahead (I remove the head rest from the front passenger seat and tilted the back).  This morning, I had everything ready to go.   We left as soon as they woke up.  We even had breakfast right before we went inside the museum. It was a great ride filled with stories and songs.
We started our visit outside.  We knew it was going to rain, and this museum has an amazing exploration area by a river.  It includes a secret garden, a cave, water tables, and a park. Can you see them in the picture above?   
The park area.  

Left: The new exhibit: Make it, build it. It has tons of tools, and materials to use to their heart's content. The big girl made a box, and then she placed her corn husk doll (she made it there) inside. The little guy played making pipe cleaners go through a cardboard box. 
Right: The upstairs had many interactive games.  This table made them run around pressing the lights.  It was a favorite for all of us.

Left: The Papa Jones pizza place with pizza making, baking, delivering and eating areas! Right:  farm area where, among other things, you can milked the cows. There was so much more to see and do including train tables, indoor water area, science activities... etc.  It was a fun filled day of explorations. 
It cost us $16 for the entrance fee +$2 for the build it exhibit (we were there from 10-3:30 pm). We will definitely go back, it is worth the hour drive. Hint: bring your lunch!
I have to add that the big girl had a pleasant drive back.  She was taking a nap!  

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