Thursday, August 28, 2014

Children's Museum of Indianapolis: All about China. Vacation Learning: Indiana

During this visit we wanted to take advantage of the China related exhibit.  The kids are still taking Mandarin, and we were reading the Magic Tree House book #14: The Day of the Dragon King.  It turned out perfectly.
First we visited the "Take me There: China" exhibit.  It started with a ride on the real size airplane!  The windows had images from the great wall of china, and other Chinese landmarks.

Inside the exhibit, the kids explored Chinese caligraphy

The panda animal rescue center

Chinese restaurant. Making stir and fry and much more.  I was sitting at the table getting a whole bunch of pretend food.

Chinese opera house

Serving Chinese Tea.  (the T.V. was giving instructions on how to pour the tea)

There were two presentations: #1 practicing Kong-Fu, and playing Chinese Musical instruments. Sorry, we were participating in the Kong-Fu demonstration and I didn't take pictures. 

During lunch we also were reading the rest of the book.  The kids got to see the image of the Terracotta Warriors.  I then asked them if they would like to see them.  When they said yes... I took them to the main exhibit.  It was just priceless (or very well planned out?)

At the Terracotta warrior exhibit.

Building full size puzzles of a warrior.

using technology to learn about the materials used to make the warrior's paint

Excavation site... Looking for fragments from the statues 

A neat video presentation. 

Making the face of  warrior with clay.  They also had a mold to make miniature warriors.

It was a fantastic experience.  It fit perferctly our needs and interests.  It also was amazingly pleasant since there were mostly only seniors and toddlers (who were not interested in the warriors).  We had lots of opportunities to ask questions, and to experience each part in a relaxed environment. 

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