Wednesday, August 20, 2014

caterpillar update

We got our second chrysalis!

Here is a close up look at the new chrysalis. 
We didn't know that the chrysalis is formed inside the caterpillar.  We kept on waiting for it to build it.  It does not! Instead, the caterpillar breaks its outer skin and wrinkles it upwards (just like you would wrinkle a shirt to take it off). Once the skin comes off, the chrysalis is already built. Check out this YouTube video to see the process:
Later on, it looks like the other chrysalis with the golden rim, and the beautiful smooth green color.

By the way, can you see the black thing in the middle?  It is the caterpillar's skin all wrinkled up (just like your shirt would look when you take it off and toss the to the ground). 

=( The butterflies came out when we were on vacation.  We missed this important step.  My husband took some pictures for us:

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