Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blackberry farm 8/12/14

One more thing to learn about:
I have taken the kids to Blackberry Farm in Aurora every time they have a free day.  I know it is a bit crowded but it is free! Besides the carousel, the pony rides, the train, the animals, and the wagon ride; there is also places for learning. They have a few demonstrations, an several buildings that brings us back in time.  
Since this morning was a little cold, we made a stop at the blacksmith cottage. The kids were very excited about the presentation on how metal becomes soft with heat.

Listening to the presenter.

The little one volunteered to bend a cold piece of metal!  I must add that I was the very first volunteer.  I am a role model for them (and a curious participant). And yes! the metal was very hard to unwind. 

Then, the metal was heated and much easier to bend.  It was one of those things you need to see and try out to believe.  I am wondering what we will learn there on our next visit.

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