Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Two learning days

Learning is going surprisingly well using the carts.  The kids really enjoy doing their daily 4 activities for literacy and continue to use our Montessori materials.   Here are some pictures from yesterday and today:

Work on Writing:  Usually she dictates to me what she wants to write.  She helps me sound out some of the words.  Then she copies it either in her journal, or in a piece of paper if it is a letter for someone. Some days she forgets to separate the words.  We are working on it.

After our trip to IKEA, We picked up a set of the magazine holders.  They were decorating them.  The little guy wanted it colorful, my daughter only wanted to paint flowers.

Listening to Reading: Yes, I said it! I still have a cassette player.  I bought it as a teacher, and I continue to use it with my kids.  Not only can I record myself reading their books, they can record themselves! I am glad I kept it... If only I had saved more cassettes. 

Read to Self: Since the little guy cannot read yet, he and I picked his favorite books which he knows by heart, and a few wordless books to put in his drawer.  He knows that he can "read" a story by looking at the pictures.  To add a little fun, I gave each kid a whisper phone for reading. They can basically hear themselves as they read their books.

Work on Writing:  my daughter wanted to write a letter to my mom today.  She dictated what she wanted to write, and helped me sound out a few words.  I am learning from the Spell to Write and Read Program that I am planning on using in the fall.  It is so clear and helpful.  Today she dictated "mucho" (a lot) and we did fingergrams just like with SWR and it just worked. After all she wanted to write was on the board, she use a red marker to separate the words as to not forget before she copied it on her piece of stationary. Since it was a long letter (you can only see half), I encouraged her to get up and erase what she had already written.  It was a bit of a break for her. 

Continue writing the rest.  For some reason her bear made it into the learning room....=)

The little guy practiced with his numbers.  We used strawberries cut outs because he loves them.  He is learning to recognize the numbers and understand quantities.

He also wanted to use the spindles.  It is one of his favorite activities.

And then he wanted to measure the red rods.  He has seen me measure a few things lately and he loves to copy me.  He actually tried to measure everything at IKEA with their paper tape.  

There you have a little bit of yesterday and some from this morning.  It is amazing to me how much they get done in just a few hours.  We are off to the hardware store.  Perhaps we will be measuring things there too.

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