Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday: Home learning 7/20/14

I know today is Sunday, but the kids wanted to use the learning room.  Here is a few pictures of their work. It all started because my daughter didn't finish writing on her journal on Friday.  I was at work yesterday. This morning (Sunday), she woke up and told me she had an idea for her journal picture.  
As soon as she was finished with breakfast, she rushed upstairs to write and draw.
She got everyone's clothes in the right color.  Even the stripes on my friend's outfit.  I guess she just didn't want to forget.

The little guy found an old tracing book and decided to finish the stick people.

For today's letter a practice, I didn't have anything planned.  We got the blue sand out and he traced with a pencil...
...and with his finger.

He moved to the knobless cylinders.  He wanted to use blue first.  Then decided to make a circle and needed a few more.

Here is his circle closing.

Finally, he wanted to stack up the pieces of ants on a log. Maybe he will actually count them next time.  Today was all about stacking them up.

After writing in her journal and adding the picture, the big girl used this lacing horse. With help she was able to go all the way around.  She was so peaceful, engaged, and focused.   I definitely need to expose her to more crafts.

In all, we were in the learning room for about one hour.  

After lunch, they joined my husband doing work in the yard.

I took the picture from inside the house.  I am on my way to join them. 

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