Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paint Chips

Yesterday during our visit to the hardware store we came home with a lot of paint chips.  For some reason my kids love the cute color combinations.  They are free, hence I just can't say no.  We took a bunch.

Here is what we ended up doing with them this morning:

Work with words. I was talking to my daughter about using synonyms.  She has been asking what words mean a lot lately, and I kept on saying "well that is another word for..."  I was excited to have her be exposed to more vocabulary.  When I saw the paint chips, I decided to use them for the purpose to reinforce synonyms, and perhaps help her use them while she writes letters.

We started with a word we know and use often on the darkest color of the paint chip.  Then we though about other words that mean the same thing and move up to the lightest color.  My daughter being 4.5 can handle only three words for now.  But with more advance kids maybe a 5 color combination will be better. My daughter enjoyed the three words we fancy up.  I saved a lot of three color paint chips for next time.
The first word she wanted to use was "mala" (bad).  It was her choice probably because we have been singing the song from Cruella de Vil, the antagonist in the movie 101 dalmatians.  When we brainstormed, she used the song. her words went from "mala" (bad), "malvada" (femenine evil), to "cruel" (cruel).  Then we talked about the name Cruella de Vil and she understood how the name was used to reflect her personality. 

Then, she wanted to work on "chiquito" (tiny), and included "pequeno" (small), and "diminuto" also tiny but more like minute.  Finally she used "bonita" (pretty), and included "hermosa" (beautiful), and "divina" (divine).  The last one she hears form many Colombians anytime she does something cute.  It is a saying not related to religion. We only did three words today.  I am hoping to continue to increase her vocabulary using the paint chips.  For now they are right on top of her table to hopefully remind her to use them when she writes.

And while I was working with my daughter, the little guy was cutting, gluing, and designing with the paint chips.  He got really into it.  I did help him cut a cow, but the rest it was on his own. 

His sister loved the idea and decided to do one too. I am holding his up.  Hers is next to it.

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