Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Museum visit: DuPage Children Museum

This afternoon we visited the DuPage Children's museum.  We have been there many times and have the family membership. Still, every time we go I discover a little bit that I have never seen before. 
Today's special guest was a volunteer artist.  She painted pictures of both kids.

The picture of my daughter.

We headed over the art studio.  The kids love going there and creating anything they like.  The materials are usually recyclables, and the usual: markers, glue, and tape.  Their favorite part is the freedom to do what they want regardless of the weekly theme. 

The electronics room.  They were on the top pressing buttons and turning switches to see the outcome.

By far, their favorite part of the day: the wood shop! Real tools, lots of wood, and a perfect setting for little ones.  Just for this room, the membership is worth its price.

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