Friday, July 25, 2014

Magic words

She finally did it! she told me today!  I finally found out what my daughter really likes.
She said: "Mami, I want to be a WRITER!!!!!!!"

She wrote the following all by herself.  I was in a different room of our house.... I can see the writer in her!  I am so excited!
It says: El oso ve el pastel sopla la vela para su cumpleaños todos los osos celebran: The bear sees the cake blows the candle for her birthday all the bears celebrate.  I did tell her to write the "m" in the Spanish word for birthday.  The rest was ALL her.  The fact that she was so excited tells me she really enjoys it.  I am excited to help her become a confident writer.  I am surely not one myself.  Now I need time to figure out how to help her. 
Ps: I just realized that she went to the learning room all by herself... we were not going to have any academic work today... I am exhausted from an all day at the park (see post below).

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