Monday, July 14, 2014

Lazy Monday

On Mondays the kids have Mandarin class at 9:00 am.  Since we are out of the house super early, we try to get a lot of errands checked off our list.  When the kids were finished with their class, I was planning on taking them to Cantigny Park (; but the weather was not agreeing with my outdoor plans.  After it rained for a bit, I decided to take the kids to have lunch with their dad (at subway), and go to the library instead.  We took out 5 books with their listening recording, a few books the kids picked, and a movie.  The movie was mostly to keep them busy while I did my cleaning upstairs.  Monday is my cleaning day.

As soon as we got home we checked on our birds:
New feathers on their wings!

The kids watched a movie; I cleaned the house.  Their learning room only visitors today were the vacuum cleaner, and the duster.  Mondays are just not my type of day...  

Clean learning room.

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