Monday, July 21, 2014

In our little garden

Yesterday we worked on our garden during the afternoon. This year we started very late due to some necessary home improvement that needed our attention. Regardless of the delay, we are able to to start seing some of our own produce.
Cucumbers.  By far the best plant.  It is taking over the garden!

Strawberries.  Just starting... Some little animals are already enjoying them. 

Green Bell peppers.  

Tomatoes.  We have cherry and big tomatoes.

The kids working in the garden.

Our dwarf corn.  It is on the other side of the house because it needs more sunlight.

While in the topic of the garden, We just finished a wonderful book: Rabbit Hill By Robert Lawson.  It was published in 1944 and received the Newbery Award for the following year (I happen to collect Newbery books).  It is a lovely story about all the animals from a hill next to an abandoned house.  They are waiting for "New Folks" to move in the house. There is suspense, sadness, pure joy, and tons of kindness in this heart warming tale.  I highly recommend it.  Do note that you might have to nurse an injured animal, and give others food after reading this book =)

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