Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home Learning 7/9/14

Today we started the learning time with a message on the white board.  I asked them what material they wanted to use to learn.  I had printed and laminated pictures of all the Montessori sensorial materials that we have.  The big girl pick the sound boxes, and the little guy picked the color tablets.  They were able to chose to work on the Montessori materials right away, or to work on the daily five activities instead.  
Here is what ended up happening:
Big girl: 
See the picture card? she brought it to her sitting area.

She worked on capital and lower case letters.  First she used the stamps.  Then she traced them using different color pencils.  Finally, she wrote her name using each one on a small white erase board.

When we were working on writing, I use the board to help her write in her new journal. She dictated first.  I wrote on the board while we talked about the letter formation. I was very specific (start at the ___ line, then move...).  Then she copied hat I wrote.

She did an awesome job.

The little guy:

Letter formation with wiki sticks.

Color tablets... he arranged in his special way.

Puzzle: Moms and babies: $2.50 at Jo-Ann.  I only left 10 pieces, or half the # of puzzles, out for him.  We will do the other 10 next time, and then the whole set.

Working with the insets.  Huge hit.  His sister joined him afterwards.

From pre-wrirting: te story of Toc-Toc and Blan-Blan.  All he gets is a pretty paper.  I asked him to draw clouds for the characters to jump.  He is making Blan-Blan jump.

Both of them continue to listen to reading using the books we got from the library.  

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