Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Home learning 7/8/14

The little guy wanted to count.  I got him a set called ants on a log for $9.99.  It has 20 pieces, tow for each number fro 1-10.  He counted the ants and placed them next to the number cards.

The big sister did Work with Words.  She has a box of little picture cards I made from an old book.  She gets to pick the words she wants to write.  Today she had some fashion accessories.  She is way more feminine than I am.  She reviewed "ll" and learned the final "j" sound. When she was finished she put it in her drawer for me to find it.  She loves using colorful markers.

The page you see was laminated to let us use the vis-a-vis markers.  I also added a soft velcro side.  The mini cards have the rough side.

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