Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home learning 7/30/14

We had a slow morning and didn't start until 10.  We were trying out a new practical life skill.  Putting cream on themselves took way longer than I anticipated.  It would take me a few seconds to do it myself, but I really want them to be able to dress themselves.  I have been moisturizing them first, and know I think they are ready to do it on their own.  There was a lot of demonstrating, and instruction.  We will revisit this skills the following mornings.
In our learning room:
Learning about squares.

Making horizontal and vertical lines.  I told him this were the windows of the animals at the zoo.  He needed to add the bars for the not to be able to escape. He loved it.

Practicing letter a with shaving cream with his finger and a paint brush.... He is almost there! 

moving to smaller letters. 

I also planned for the big sister to use the shaving cream to practice her high frequency words. 

Cleaning her writing to practice again. Tip: use a big brush.

Her journal writing.  My little author =)

This is not what you should see.  I went to the bathroom to wash off the shaving cream from the trays and paintbrushes.  They were already using their sensorial materials. When I got back, seriously just a few minutes later, they had constructed something....
At the end it turned out to be a great practice as they had to neatly put everything away. 

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