Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Home Learning 7/29/14

Practicing letter a: Abejas (bees) first with using the little stickers to trace the letter.  Then, using the pencil to write the two a's in the word abejas.

Reading practice.

lines with dot markers, and paint brush.

Pouring cotton colored balls

Journal writing: She dictates to me first.  Then she writes it.  She copies some of it, some of the words she knows very well.

hand transferring.  Using a fish shape ice tray, he is giving buttons to eat for every fish.

Transferring work: we move to the colorful fruit ice cubes. My kids, and all their friends, love this activity.

Puzzles to practice pencil grip.

This week's high frequency words: Puedo, dijo, mama, papa. She found all the banana letters and the words printed in little papers.  She glued the words, used the banana letter tiles, and then copy the words using the capital and lower case letters  

Just being crazy.  Too many pencils.

Transferring using a spoon. little beads.  

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