Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home learning 7/23/14

We had a very productive morning.  The kids were up before 7:00, and look at the pictures: They are dressed for their learning room! 
To practice letter a today we focused on places. We talked about the continents: America (North and South), Africa, Antarctica, Asia, and Australia (I know this is a country. Don't worry, I told him)
We used the world part puzzle to take the world apart.

I printed some pictures from space to show the continents, and he was able to find out where they went. When I asked him to find Antarctica on the globe, he flipped it over and point at it.  He was very proud.

Letter a practice.  After he glued the continents in his notebook, he wrote all the letters a's in every word.
Then, he told me he was supposed to write the word on the color of the continent.  America had to be split in orange and pink. Australia was brown, Africa was green, Antarctica was white, and Asia was yellow.  I kept on telling him things like: you live in North America, my parents live in South America.  Your Mandarin teacher is from Asia, the penguins live in Antarctica, and the animals from the movie Madagascar are from Africa.  I think geography is a hit for him. 

The big sister was working on her high frequency words for this week. She got to build the words with dots that already had letters on them (I mixed the letters). 

I had her pairing the words from script to script, from cursive to cursive, and finally from script to cursive.

When her brother was finished, she wanted to do the  world parts puzzle too. She actually wanted to make a map. She started by using a circle inset and trying to draw each continent inside.  That was too hard.  She brought the globe to her table and the puzzle too. She took the puzzle pieces and trace the outline.  She made a huge circle around it. I promised her a big circle for tomorrow for her to be able to fit more than one continent. 

They both listened to the book of Peter and the wolf.  Big sister wrote on her journal while the little guy made pictures with his insets.  I was writing in their journals.

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