Friday, July 18, 2014

Home Learning 7/18/14

After a fun all-day-out, we got home and took showers.  We were filthy!  Sunscreen, bug spray, and playing at the park apparently are a bad combination. We didn't have much time left before dinner, but the kids were excited to do their work on words activities.
The little guy put paw prints on the capital an lower case letter a 

Then he practiced letter a underneath. 

We talked about the colors that start with the letter a, and after pulling each color from a 36 pencil case, we discovered that there are three: Azul (blue), Amarillo (yellow), and Anaranjado (orange).  I made him three triangles and he drew himself in blue, me in orange, and his dad in yellow.  Then we wrote the names of the colors in the actual colors.  He did the initial a on his own, and I helped him with the rest. 

The big sister was working on her high frequency words that happened to be definite articles.  In English there is only "the." In Spanish there are two the: "el" and "la." These definite articles give gender to the words, and can be tricky for someone who is not a native speaker.   I made her a list with some questionable words that don't follow the ending vowel rule, and gave her a bunch of start sticker with either el or la.  She had to decide what article was needed, and add the right start.

La clase, el carro, el telefono
femenine : the class. Masculine: the car, Masculine: the telephone. 

She did a whole page and ask for more.

Then, she moved to writing the definite article and the profession on her own. The gender changes according to the gender of the person.

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