Thursday, July 17, 2014

Home Learning 7/17/14

Today I did not take pictures of everything. We read a new book, and both of them listened to the same story using the CD player.  We used all 5 components of daily five.   I will most likely only post pictures of the kids using Montessori inspired materials, and work with words.  The other daily activities are repetitive. I don't think you need to see several pictures of my kids using a player, or reading books on their own.  But if we do something special, I will share that as well.

Classic Montessori work: pouring beans... We need a lot of practice.  Today was mostly about cleaning the beans.

Another practical life exercise: locks and keys.  Both kids wanted to give this one a try.

An activity I created to review the high frequency words using post-it. I put the high frequency words on the side (easy to get), and left blanks in a few sentences.  She needed to read them, pick the right post-it, and complete the sentence.

Just cute.  The little guy drew a picture of him playing with his sister.  They were holding hands. 

Continue to practice letter a.  Today we talked about flowers that started with a: azucena and amapola.  He wrote the a at the begging of each word.  Then, in the next page he needed to color only things that started with a: arana and agua. Finally, more practice of letter a.  Guess what we will be doing tomorrow? More letter a!

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