Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Home learning 7/16/14

Another pajama day...
Yesterday I found this stamp set at a teacher store with a 20% discount.  I have used it at work and loved it.  I knew my kids were going to love it too.

Here is their breakfast "order" scrambled eggs, yogurt and a blueberry muffin.  They also had OJ but we don't have a stamp for it (yet).

putting fuzzy balls in a placemat.

We just got a few more little readers by Bruce Larkin.  Check them out on  They are absolutely perfect for my kids.  My daughter reads the kindergarten in Spanish by herself.   If you are interested, they also come in English and for $1.25 and such a variety to choose from, they are a bargain.

Listening to reading: I found a book called Los Animales No Se Visten (Animals Should Definitely not Wear Clothing) by Judi Barret.  It is super funny, and the narrator does an excellent job.  My daughter kept on giggling while she listen to it.

A cow lover lacing his cow.

Counting soccer balls.  

Counting any type of balls

Reading about sports: another little reader by Bruce Larkin

Work on words: we continue to practice high frequency words.  Today she used the banana tiles to build the word, and then cut and pasted the letrilandia letter.  It helps her recognie these words in upper case, and in cursive.  She copy them both ways.

Making dots and retracing a.  I mentioned before, we will be on letter a as long as it takes!

Sound cylinders.  He did it perfectly, and independently!

Then, the afternoon came and he figure out what I was planning for tomorrow and wanted to do it right away... oh well.  He wanted to be ahead.

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