Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Home learning 7/15/14

First of all, I have to say that I am so proud to have my kids not in pajamas by 9:00 am.  It doesn't happen often!
Big sister did her three letter words in Spanish, while I was getting the little guy started.

I printed out a sheet with illustrations to color, all of which begin with the letter a.  He colored them all but picked only a few to glue in his notebook.  He started it today simply because he really wanted one.  He glued ardilla, arbol, anillo, abeja, arco iris, agua.  He wrote the letter a and I wrote the rest of the word.   

He also had a picture of queen A from letrilandia in her lower case outfit.

And here is his very own work.... Don't be misled, he uses a ton of my help.  He will be doing the letter a for as long as he needs it.  He also practiced the letter a with her upper case (we call it fancy) outfit. 

Screws and nuts

For work on words, the big sister used the cookie letters.  Spanish doesn't have sight words as you can read most of it after learning the alphabet; but we do have high frequency words.  I want her to be able to recognize them fast and write them even faster.  She thinks she is playing with them, little does she know that it is all learning activities. 

She found the "cookies," read the words, glued the word and copied it. Then she just wanted to color the shape of the letter like the cookie.

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