Friday, July 11, 2014

Home learning 7/11/14

To be honest, I don't even plan on having the kids use the learning room on Friday.  They insisted!  I was not ready and needed to simply improvise.  Here is what they did:
Hand puzzle: He is recognizing more and more numbers.

We took out the picture cards and the laminated sheet.  He look for things that started with a: apio, alfombra, agencia de viajes, ajo, anillo.

Then, we practice the letter a using the vis-a-vis markers. I am still helping him quite a bit.

The story of toc-toc and blan-blan helps him learn about up, down, left right, colors, etc.  

My daughter favorite story on CD. She would listen to it all day long if I let her.

Some writing on her journal.  Her handwriting is getting so much better!

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