Friday, July 11, 2014

Home Learning 7/10/14

Our day started a bit different.  The weather was just perfect and I felt the kids really needed to go outside.  WE went to visit the Butterfly park, the nature center, and the park (they are all in the same grounds).  I simply love home learning.  The flexibility of it is so liberating!
Butterfly house

Sugar glider at the nature center

Park.  Finally getting wet!

After a morning of fun, we headed back home. The trip was priceless as in amazing, and as in free!

We checked on our baby robins. Our scientific exposure was taken care off.  We will be working on an art project of the bird life cycle.  My daughter's idea is to use the pictures from the camera.  I hope both kids can add something else, but it will be up to them.

When inside the house, we had lunch and got ready for our learning room.  The kids were quite excited.  The big sister knew I had found another book on CD for her, and her little brother really wanted to make a soccer ball.   

After listening to her reading, she read the small A-Z book : "gato gracioso" (funny cat).  For her work on word, she made a necklace spelling gracioso.  It is a good reminder of the letter C's soft sound. Finally she wrote the word on her white erase mini board.  She also wrote on her journal about what we did the day before and that morning.  

Here is my son's soccer ball.  I did the outline, he added the colors.

For him, it was all about practicing the letter a.  We started to use the miniature objects.  I wrote the words minus the letter a that he needed to do on his own.  

Our learning time was not very long.  We headed out to deliver a birthday present, came hoe for dinner and went out to the pool for the twilight swim.  It was a beautiful day.

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