Thursday, July 31, 2014

Changing rooms

I have been busy these past days.  I substituted for a teacher on Friday and took on a huge project at home:

I have been looking into moving the learning room from its current location.  The main problem is space.  It is pretty tight. I read a ton of blogs for different ideas. Most people I read from used their dinning, or living room instead of a bedroom to be able to accommodate all their materials and children. I considered this idea for a long while, and thought that my empty living room was a great location.  At the end, I decided against it. I wanted to keep the learning room apart.  I don't want my kids and their friends to think it is a playroom.
My husband and I though long and hard about the space issue, and decided to give up our bedroom and switch to the kids learning space. I gave up my job for them, I might as well give them my room.  This weekend we are working hard on the switch.  My husband and I will take the guest bedroom (our previous learning room), and the kids get upgraded to a master learning room!

1. My husband and I loose access to an adjacent bathroom.  Our bathroom is very tiny (shower, no tub).  It is something we can live without.  We can use the hallway bathroom if there is a need.
2. Moving itself!  It takes a lot of work. We are still figuring out how to fit everything in the new location.  We needed to move shelving units, organizers, tons of bins, and the furniture pieces. Thankfully my husband is such a great supporting guy who believes in our children's needs. He will be doing most of the work.
3. Closet space.  We will be moving to a smaller closet.  This, believe or not, will only affect  my husband.  He has more clothes than I do. I think it is time for him to de-clutter.

1.The new learning room will be almost twice the side. Now we can have an English and a Spanish language art shelf. We will be able to also have more floor space to spread out.
2. The closet is perfect for storing materials!
3. There is a bathroom right there.  No more interruptions to go to the bathroom, or to clean materials. and we can actually do more practical life activities that require water.
4. The new learning room will have more natural light (it is in the sunrise side).  It has three windows, two on the east side, and one on the south side.
5. There is a ceiling fan!
6. We can have friends over to learn with us.

Our plan is to move it in stages.  The best part about it is that if it doesn't work out, we still have the downstairs rooms to try.  We will see. Wish us luck, and a speedy move.

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