Sunday, June 22, 2014

Follow up #2

First of all, let me tell you that the Soccer World Cup has kept us all happy, and entertained.  The kids and I have listened to games on the car's radio, and watched a few on T.V.  Let's just say that my blood runs trough their veins!  They are as passionate about soccer as I am!
My tired little guy after US vs. Portugal's amazing game today.  

Regarding his arm, here is an update:
We visited the orthopedics doctor on Friday.  He evaluated his arm, and found some swelling on the elbow.  He also asked about pain in his upper arm and shoulder.  The little guy complained about shoulder pain.  He got another shoulder X-ray at the office that day.  I was told to immobilize his arm, and knowing about the upcoming games, the doctor offered to put him on a brace and continue to use the sling when awake. It was not necessary, but just a precaution. We have another appointment on Monday afternoon for further assessment.  Hopefully, he will get his arm out of the brace for good.  It is really heavy for him, and it makes him wake up when he turns in his sleep =(

The rest of the weekend went well.  I started the summer term at work and will be teaching two parent-tot classes, and two 5-8 year old classes every Saturday.  It is a lot quieter compared to the academic school sessions since a lot of the kids are taking summer camps during the week day.  
I also took a CPR class on Sunday, and learned a lot about kids and choking. All parents should take CPR classes! 

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