Sunday, June 29, 2014

Daily activities

Recently, I have read too many blogs, and watched too many YouTube videos lately. I want to continue homeschooling specially now when our activities are limited, and the kids are excited about learning. One thing I have been trying to incorporate is daily literacy activities. I got two really cute organizers at JoAnn's, and will be implementing the idea of workboxes but for the daily 5: read to self (RS), work with writing (WR), listening to reading (LR), and work with words (WW). We will do "read to someone" during family time. The workboxes I saw on YouTube homeschool tours have activities in each box for every subject. Mostly, they include worksheets and supplies. My kids will not be getting worksheets, they will be given only materials. To be honest, I only used worksheets as a teacher when I had a substitute. Instead I hope to help my kids have available their materials, and our manipulatives to engage in the activities they choose. I hope to have them help me add the material to their drawers. Here is an example of what my oldest will find:

RS: 3-6 books she has already mastered, or with vocabulary she already can decode on her own.
WR: Templates for writing letters or her journal,
LR: CD, kindle or tape player (I still have one!!!) with books they love to listen to.
WW: lots of manipulatives like lacing letters, stamps, yarn, movable alphabet, sand box, AND our beloved miniature objects or picture cards.
The little guy will likely get the same materials minus the writing. He will probably get a lot more blank paper to color, and objects to help him develop his pencil grip. He will be also getting sorting activities when learning sounds.
Each cart has six drawers leaving two empty for math activities and extra art supplies.
Already the kids were helping me find materials for their drawers. They are as excited to use them next week as I am.
The carts come with two purple, two blue, and two green drawers but my kids decided to exchange them.  The Little Guy ended up with 4 blue ones, and Big Girl with 4 purple.

I love that the kids get to choose what to do.  They also are able to gather materials and store it right at their fingertips so it will be available for their use in the learning room. 

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