Thursday, June 26, 2014

Only one hand

The past two days we have experienced a lot of stress at home.  Not being able to go out, and unable to do much, is driving everyone a bit irritable. Having the little one only able to use one hand is harder than I imagined. We can't go out because it is too hot.  Because of his cast, the little guy's arm will be under to much heat and develop a heat rash.  He tends to sweat a lot. Unable to get him wet and refresh is really hard.  We are also trying to keep him as clean as possible to prevent getting him wet.  He has taken a few spot showers and doesn't seem to like it. My kids are used to showers since they were able to stand up on their own. 
I went to Target on Tuesday night looking for games to keep him busy and happy.  I got him some play-dough (animal farm), and an extra set of Lincoln logs.  The play-dough was a disaster.  It ended up stock in the edge of the cast, and about everywhere in the family room.  Nevertheless, it kept both kids busy for a couple of hours.  
That afternoon we went to a new (to us) library for an animal show. We saw a tarantula, hedgehog, bearded lizard, ferret, frog, tortoise, snake, coatimundi, and a giant bunny. It was a lot of animals for a library show.

The presenter showing us the frog

My kids were selected to be volunteers.  The had to go to the front of the room and close their eyes to touch and guess the animal.  Then, they were told and showed the animal. Good thing it was not the spider, or a snake. Overall a great experience for us.  I only wished this library was a bit closer to us.

Sorry I just don't know how to flip the picture above.  
The kids were working with the Lincoln logs in my room.  We brought in their little table and chairs so each could have their own hard surface space to build.  The little guy wanted to build the fort in the picture using the instructions.  My daughter wanted to build her own. They had a great time, while I got to watch parts of the USA vs Germany game and fold our laundry. 

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