Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At the hospital

Today was one of those scary tough days.  My little guy fell down from the sofa's arm rest and landed on his left elbow.  We went to the doctor right away, and were immediately sent to get some x-rays.  Since we were getting ready to go to a swimming lesson both of them were wearing their bathing suits, and instead of grabbing my usual bag, I took my pool bag with me.  I left my wallet and everything important (including snacks) at home. Thankfully, the doctor just sent us to the hospital with an electronic referral and I didn't need a single form of identification.  Once at radiology, the kids were starving and the amazing x-ray technician got them pretzels and juice.  She was super sweet with the kids. We waited for the radiologist to read the x-ray, call the pediatrician, and call us back regarding what to do next.  At the end there was no fracture but he has a sling, and an appointment to see the orthopedist tomorrow afternoon.  =(  
He is to keep his arm at rest, which I find impossible for a three year old.   For now, he is watching the cars movie with his sister.  I save the screen time for emergencies. 
I learned that I need to keep snacks in the car somewhere!  I also should leave some cash in the car too.  I never expected to have an emergency, and I was 100% unprepared.  Are you ready for emergencies?

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