Monday, May 26, 2014

In May

Here are some pictures of what has kept us busy during the past week:

First, I took the little one to try a soccer class.  He did amazing despise the fact that he has never been in a class on his own.  He followed the directions, stayed in the class the whole time, and play his little heart out. When I realized how much it cost per lesson, and being a soccer player myself, I just couldn't justify it.  I did learn during the class.  I took mental notes on what I can do to help him improve his skills.  I ended up not signing him up, and instead bought him a goal to practice with him.  I guess the main reason I wanted to sign him up was to be fair to him.  I already had my daughter in a class, and I wanted something special for him. I realized all he really wanted was to play soccer with me.  Having two kids, I always try to be fair to both of them.  If I buy something for one, I get something for the other.  But sometimes the same is not the best.  I have the opportunity to bond with my son by playing soccer together.  Why on earth did I think someone else should have the pleasure of his company, his giggles, and his soccer passion? 
He arranged the cones inside the goal

He is such a soccer fan.

Now for my daughter, I signed her up for horseback riding lessons.  We don't own a horse, and I barely can ride one so I could easily justify the super amazing Groupon that got her lessons.  She will be riding weekly. 

Both of them saying hello to the horses.

My princess during her first lesson. She learned to even gallop a little bit.

To be honest, what she loved the most was to brush the horse.

and to take it back out to the pasture on her own.

By the pastures we found a surprise.  A foal and its mom relaxing under the sun.

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