Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More community workers!

Community workers is a topic that keeps on coming back (just like horses).
Here are our latest activities and games regarding community workers:
First, I made them a book on Shutterfly. I photograph each one using felt pieces from a community worker set.  Once in a while Shutterfly has a free 8x8 book sale and I took advantage of it right away. The book turned up super nice. Now the kids can look at the book, my daughter can read simple lines (" veo un bombero.  veo una mujer policia." I see a firefighter.  I see a police woman), and they can also use the felt pieces to re-create the community workers like my daughter is doing (see picture above).

We also made a personalized memory game.  

Each piece shows them dressed up as a community worker! My kids loved to pose.  Just like in memory games, they need to find a match.

That week we had a special toy rotation were they could select the community worker they wanted to be.  We had the same vests and props that we used for the memory game. We had from top left: our community worker book with felt board and pieces, entomologist, police officer, hair dresser, nurse, farmer, cook, construction worker, firefighter, mail carrier, doctor/veterinarian. Do you want to learn it in Spanish just like my kids did:? Entom'ologo, oficial de polic'ia, peluquero(a), enfermero(a), agricultor(a), cocinero(a), alban-il, bombero, cartero(a), doctor(a)/veterinario(a). 

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