Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 Midwest Horse Fair: Horse Tales! Vacation Learning: Wisconsin

We are again learning about horses. We will be going to the Midwest Horse Fair this weekend! My daughter is super excited and she is looking through all her horse related things this week. Since it is a topic so dear to her, I have a special bin that keeps coming out every once in a while. Here you can see her working with three part cards. I had to make this ones for her. Send me an e-mail if you want them. I have to say that it is great to see her reading these cards and doing the activity all on her own.

This afternoon we visited the library.  We gather some horse books and she just made herself a circle of books. She was reading the different names of breeds, many are cognates and she can read them on her own like palomino, mustang, falabella, morgan.  Others, are in English only and I was able to help her even though she really wanted to read them on her own. 

Also at home, she made this circle using all her horse replicas from a horse breed puzzle.

Update: The theme for this year's  Midwest Horse fair was "Horse Tales." It made the whole experience so special for my horse and fairy tale lover daughter.  The breed presentations were amazing including bits and pieces of fairy tales that took our breath away.  

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Midwest Horse Fair:

Equine Soccer! 
My son and I were cheering the whole time.  We are so ready for the world cup, and now that we know that horses play soccer... well, horses just got a lot more interesting!

Have you ever seen a horse hugging a person?... This Morab did it!

A wizard transposrting us to a fairy land... part of the Morab presentation.

Frezian Heritage horses: The Queen and the king!

The miniature Equine put up a Disney theme.  This was woody, and inflatable Buzz lightyear.  Behind him, two other miniatures were pulling cinderella! (off course there were other princesses like Rapunzel, and Merida)

Ok, not very much a fairy tale, but the Standardbread were magically fast!

The untrainable mustangs put up a jumping show.

The drill team! Amazing tricks...I couldn't take more pictures because I din't want to miss it.  Just for this show I would have pay the $10 entrance fee. By the way, kids were free!

Look at this beauty! 

The Norwegian Fjord horses brought all the characters from the movie Frozen to life.  The movie has Norway as it's location, and prince Hans off course has one of these! We went to talk to the experts and they even let my son wear the troll's mask while he sang "He is a little bit of a fixer-upper"

Oh! Andalusian stallions

Look at another one... The elegant walk was unbelievable.

A gypsy Vanner... I never saw one of them before.  HUGE!

The fairies on the Peruvian Paso fino horses.
In the little down times, we visited the Kid's Corral and painted model horses, and my son enjoyed getting in all the John deer tractors.
Angel, the clydesdale. 

The exhibition hall had tons of vendors.  You were able to get anything horse related there.  My daughter actually wanted these bones.   They were not for sale, but part of a vet school's display.  My daughter asked how many bones a horse has in total... The representatives were not able to give her a number, but they showed her the difference between the human and the horse leg!

Overall an amazing (and rather cheap) educational experience.  We learned about different breeds, horse care, and horse love!  Next year's theme is "Galloping into the future." What will they have for us?  If my daughter continues to love horses, we will be there!
It is so rewarding to be able to not only read, and talk to my daughter about horses, but to actually see them and interact with their experts.  We asked questions, and took tons of pictures (actually even more pictures than I took in Disney world... horses don't always pose!).  I am loved the opportunity to explore her interest and satisfy her curiosity.

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