Thursday, January 2, 2014

Update: Happy New Year

This holiday season was very busy for us... and so cold and snowy too =(
The kids are loving the snow.  We had to literally pull my daughter out of a snow pile after 1.5 hours of playing outside yesterday.  She was trying to make an igloo.  I think you have to be born here to love the snow.

Here is a quick update of what we have been up to:
We celebrated Christmas.  We are not very religious but I wanted my kids to know what Christmas was about.  We took out the Fisher price nativity I got as a present a few years back, and read a few books from the library including: El burrito de Belen (The donkey from Bethlehem), and The Baby Jesus.  The kids like the donkey story the most.  Baby Jesus, is not in the nativity because in Colombia you keep him hidden until the 25th. 

My daughter and I reviewed letter A's fancy dresses.  I drew, she copy, and then she made her own. Now she loves to draw the whole vowel family. 

We attended a Holiday orchestra presentation at the university near us.  

The kids enjoyed it very much.  I loved how my little guy enjoyed clapping the most!

my son                                               my daughter
We went to a horse farm's open house.  Now here is the story... I am part of two meet-up groups.  One day I typed in the website and I saw the calendar of local events.  It had a meet-up at a horse farm that is only 2 min away from our house... then it hit me... I was always looking for meet-up groups based on my interests... never my children's!  I searched a bit, contacted the organizer of the local horse lover meet-up group, and I joined their group.  Now I will get information of all horse related activities close by.  We do not own or plan to own a horse anytime soon, but my kids just love horses.  Just being able to go to the different shows, open houses, and competitions is plenty enough fun for them.... Off course since at this particular event they horse farm was showing many 2-3 years old fowls, my daughter asked me if she could have one for Christmas.  I told her she needed to start saving for one.  She is currently collecting coins.  She is convinced that she can talk to horses.  

With the bad weather there is not much to do except sledding.  On the top: my husband and my son

My daughter at the bottom.

On Dec. 24th we visited IKEA.  My little guy needed his own table.  I used to have them sit  together but it got too crowded, and it was hard to leave the unfinished projects.  Now he has his own, and he loves it.  He still uses the carpet the most.  He has his rug on his table; but once in a while he wants he needs to sit to color like his big sister.  I am glad we are giving him his own space. Also, we found another easel for only $9.99.  We took the new and old one apart and left it as two white boards.  We are storing the chalk board parts for later (too messy!).  Now they can both use their white boards at the same time. 

My kids were amazingly lucky to receive a lot of presents from our relatives and friends.  I don't know about other people but I believe that more than 5 gifts per kid is a ton.  At the end I put away the two gifts I bought, and the gifts my friend sent them.  They are stored in the garage.  For now, I am going to let them enjoy what they got already.  I guess I have a gift for his and her 2014 birthdays.  By the way, if you have little ones, the fisher price horse castle for princesses, and Mike the Knight are amazing! 

For my new year resolution (more on that on another post), I wanted to clean the pantry.  I am embarrassed to say that I found spices that expired in 2012! I cleaned them up and we put them in their play kitchen. The kids love it... No hay mal que por bien no venga! There is no harm that doesn't come with some goodness? Pardon my last minute translation. 

My son is counting! Playing with the pegs he counted up to 20 with help.  He still skips 13 and 14.  We are  working on it.
Today we were working on thank you cards.  We got cute gingerbread foam shapes that they decorated.  

No cookies just foams.... so cute. This is round 1, they actually decorated 20 gingerbread men.  

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