Sunday, December 15, 2013

Medieval Times!

We finally had a chance to go to Medieval Times. The kids were actually a bit sick, and so was I.  But since we had been talking about it for a while, with runny noses and all, we went and had a great time.
After reading the second book from the Magic Tree House series, I knew I wanted to take them to see the knights, and the castle. I also knew my daughter was going to fall in love with the horses, and be amazed by how they are trained to do the special tricks.  For my son, I was actually a bit worry it was going to be just too long.  It turned out that he was excited about the competition and the fights between the knights!  He loved it as much as his sister (just for different reasons).
Here are some pics:
Inside the castle.  My little princess was dress up like Cinderella... Well, she was going to the castle right? Why not?

Our knight: yellow and red... He didn't win, but gave as a great show.

All the knights

Amazing horses. 

Horse tricks

My daughter having a great time.  Off course she got the flower from our knight.  She was beaming with joy.  
Time to go home... tired, but excited kids. My son was also "dressed up." He had a dragon/knight reversible cape.

Now it is time for us to recover from this nasty cold that got us. We are all feeling awful, but we are still talking about Medieval times.     My daughter already asked me to go back soon.  It was a fun family experience.  
Healthy wishes to everyone!

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