Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back at home

It is hard to be home after such a fun little road trip.  We are a bit tired from all the traveling and the kids are sleeping in.  Yesterday we had a parent-day for my daughter's Mandarin class and it was fun to see her learning. I was at lost.  She knows so much more than I anticipated.  The class is 100% in the target language.
For the art project yesterday, they decided to work on the Christmas tree. The kids decorated as much as they could reach. We are probably going to work on other home made ornaments if they show any interest.

In the learning room this morning, we had a relaxing morning.  My son wanted to use the spindles.  My daughter took the teacher role, and showed him how to do it.  Then she tested him!

After our visit to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, I wanted to get a light box for them to trace.  I found a very old one my father-in-law gave to us a while ago.  It had a ton of tape on it after he traced many little drawing for his dictionary. It took me about two hours to clean it... but now it is in great shape.
The kids love it.

Again showing her brother how to use it.

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