Friday, December 6, 2013

Art drying rack

We are enjoying our art time following the advice from the book Project-Based Homeschooling.  If you want more info, see my earlier post.  We are still in the beginning or exploratory stage.  Many ideas are in the boards, and many materials have been requested. The kids know that we have set aside this special time for them to express themselves through their art. My husband has taken over this activity, and since they are so excited about it, I sneak out once in a while without hearing any complains.  I don't think they miss me at all!

One thing that was becoming difficult was the sheer amount of painting they would do on any giving day. The amount of papers drying all over the counters at night left me to look for a solution.  I really wanted to get this beautiful drying rack:

The price and the amount of space it takes kept me from buying it. Yesterday night, just by accident, I took a look at a cookie grid and knew it was a great alternative... It was a lot more affordable, it took less space, and in the future I could actually bake some cookies! Thanks to my shopping companion (I know you are reading this!) I was able to locate the perfect size one.  Perhaps I can inspire others to take out their own cookie grids, or buy them for only $9.99 at Meijers.  This morning my kids discovered it and decided they needed to paint right after breakfast. 

The three tier cookie grids fits perfectly in our art rack's shelf.  It just happens to be black like my rack!

In case you want the brand I got: Perfect Results

The excited kids at work right after breakfast

Painting together.

My daughter putting her 1st paper away.  She didn't want any help.  She simply climb on her little table

Today's art projects safely drying.

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