Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Road trip: Indianapolis Children's Museum. Vacation Learning: Indiana

We are back home and the gloomy weather is getting to me.  I hate dislike this type of weather (my family and I have decided not to use the first word).  We had a wonderful time at my friend's house.  She cooked the most delicious and good-looking turkey I have ever tried, and the left overs the next day were even better.  It was great to see our girls playing all by themselves.

On our way back home, we had decided to divide the drive and stay in Indianapolis (it is about 3.5 hours away from home).  I had found a nice hotel on groupon (I LOVE groupon) and while reading the hotel's information it mentioned the children's museum.  It claimed to be the biggest children's museum in the country.  I was curious... and since we were staying there ... why not?

Here is the info from the hotel's groupon:
"Roughly 10 minutes from the hotel, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, at nearly 500,000 square feet, is considered the largest of its kind in the world. It uses that size in imaginative ways: from outside, a life-size brachiosaurus peers into the museum as part of the Dinosphere exhibit. At the Fireworks of Glass exhibit, a tower pieced together from more than 3,000 colorful pieces of blown glass rises to the ceiling. And upstairs, kids and adults alike can ride animals on a whimsical carousel that dates back to 1917."  

I am so glad we did the roughly 10 minute drive.  We had a terrific time!  For those of you in Illinois.... Imagine the Kohl's museum, and the Field museum, and some of the science and Industry museum in just one place!  It is surely enormous!
I was hesitating about posting about it...It is a post about a museum not about homeschooling, or bilingualism, or Montessori education; but since I didn't have a clue such place existed, I want to spread the word about it.  If you are near by... or like us willing to drive far, It is worth it!  Here take a look:
Driving in.... who needs to get the kids excited if they can just see the dinosaurs escaping the museum!

The lobby: the white part on the bottom right is a slide from the second to first floor.

It was my daughter's favorite thing in the museum!

Parachute demonstration

In the construction zone... so much to play with there!

Healthy eating and healthy habits area... I only got one picture of my son brushing the dino's teeth

Game's evolution.... from a carousel from 1917 to all types of video games.  Here my husband and son are playing the original Mario Bros.

Miniature rooms displays

Art corners in the scary movie memorabilia exhibit.  My kids loved this light boxes!

They were there tracing and tracing... I am making one for home!

baking cookies

Dinosphere! just awesome!

Trains too

and a pleasant surprise... without expecting it, we found a mummy tour!  The staff put up a show for the kids and made them explorers with flashlights and all.  They had to look for hieroglyphics and pieces to rebuild the sarcophagus. 

Working on the sarcophagus

We had such a great time nobody wanted to leave.  We were there from 10am to 5:00pm (yes ..it was from open to close, there cafeteria was huge... and you can bring your own food) Thankfully, this cute dinosaur was the head of a parade out of the museum... with all the kids behind him including my own two.

 I let me kids explore to their hearts' content. At some points my husband and I had to split because each kid was interested in doing something else.  We skipped some exhibits.  Please know that there is so much more to see and do there.  I highly recommend you to visit this amazing museum.

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